Single Baby Mama From California Wants Clean H00kup

A beautiful baby mama from California is looking for a hot, naughty and energetic guy who is passionate and romantic to be her boyfriend.
She doesn't care about the country you come from, the language you speak, what you do for a living, your religion or culture. All baby mama from California wants is a caring person to make her feel loved, special and appreciated.

This is the message she sent us…
My name is Bella and I am a talented model and creative fashion designer. I love to meet people and make new friends. I love to explore and learn new things. I can sing, dance, cook, play and I joke a lot.
I want to be happy all the time, that’s why am looking for a man who knows the value of having a good woman by his side. Baby mama from California wants someone who won’t mistreat or hurt her in anyway, be it with words or his actions.
Baby mama from California further said; she needs an honest young man, who is fun to be with, open-minded, high-spirited, enthusiastic, faithful, cheerful, smart, lively and has a good sense of humour.
She wants a serious-minded person who knows what he wants in life, someone she could share her world with, a caring and understanding man who would love her for who she is and make her part and parcel of his life.
I am a woman of protocol and wouldn’t tolerant any form of disrespect or disloyalty from my man. Baby mama from California says she needs someone who can detect what she needs or wants at any given time, a man who knows the true meaning of romance and love making.
She is ready to sponsor, spoil, spend and take care of the young man who will be willing to be hers alone, thrill her romantically and satisfy her sexually anytime and anywhere she is in need of it.
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